Impending: Head to head, head to bum, crotch to crotch by Florence Peake and Eve Stainton

Its been almost three months since the fantastic premiere at The Place of Florence Peake’s and Eve Stainton’s new work Impending: head to head, head to bum, crotch to crotch where I performed!
So far it has been absolutely the best creative process that I had a chance to participate in! We have been reading, writing, painting, sculpting; it was completely collaborative. I deeply admire Florence and Eve for establishing such a safe and empowering space and thank them for enabling me to grow as an artist.
I was fascinated not only by their artistic excellence, our common interests related to the interdisciplinary approach but also by their strong work ethics. Peake’s and Stainton’s working methodology reaches far beyond choreography, it is a form of social activism. For myself and many other female fellow students, this was the first time of feeling the ownership of our bodies and space. We felt strong!

We live in a world where still abuse and violence is justified in the name of great art. It is why young choreographers like me need to learn how to create and sustain a safe and inclusive environment where bold, and risk-taking art can be made. Dance needs that!

I performed with THE GREATEST TEAM:

Lucie Palazot, Greta Gauhe, Marta Stępień, Hannah Adams and Alejandra Gissler.

Here are some photos from working-process and premiere:



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