A double bill at Chisenhale Dance Space

My friend Greta Gauhe and I are showing our works at the Chisenhale Dance Space on the 30th of November at 7:30 p.m! Save the date! 


From environmental crisis to social harassment, my friend Greta Gauhe and I  present a thought-provoking double bill of dance works at Chisenhale Dance Space.

We are also currently looking for alternative ways of funding, so if you also want to support us click here.
Your support will mean the world to us! Nothing is too small!
In the first half of the evening “Be fruitful and multiply” by Alka Nauman will explore the ambiguous nature of plastic bags; their elegance and ugliness, as well as their daunting ability to adopt different life forms.

The second work “NOWhere” by Greta Gauhe, examines issues of racial and sexual discrimination and harassment. 6 dancers from 4 different countries and 2 different continents deal with autobiographical experiences in a gripping interplay of performance, spoken word and dance.

We are both trained at the London Contemporary Dance School and graduated with an MA in Performance & Choreography. Our works have been presented as part of the postgraduate Showcase at The Place in London.

“Gauhe makes unobvious, strangely-affecting choreographic choices to present the most cohesive group work I have seen in a while.” Izzy Rogers, Dance Art Journal

“In Nauman’s work the viewers are confronted with riveting questions regarding what do humans value and what will future generations consider the greatest achievements of this epoch.” Stella Rousham

To book your tickets click here 

Here are some photographs from the premiere of Be fruitful and Multiply at The Place Theatre 


Photo Credits: Rocio Chacon

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