I am a queer artist from Poland, currently based in London. I work across choreography, dance visual art and cultural anthropology. I treat my work as a way of making body-centred intimate social documentaries. With roots in anarcho-feminism and anti-fascism, my works are dedicated to social emergencies like the rise of neo-fascism, or recently environmental crisis. I use satire and absurd as a way of fighting restrictive power structures and inviting complexity.

 I come from a grey country where colours are heavily politicised, as Poland became a homogenous, white country after the Second World War. It is why colours are currently predominant in my works. Poland is a country where people of colour are frequently beaten up and the police do nothing to help, and rainbows are being burned. For many years, while living in Poland I used my work for creating absurd, surrealist and tender environments where I could show my protest. From December 2017 to June 2018 I regularly danced in front of Poland’s largest, right-wing institutions. I borrowed clothes from my family, friends and strangers in different colours of the rainbow. The process of borrowing was equally important as site-specific improvised performances. It allowed me to create different discourse around politics. Symbolically I was never alone, always with many layers of support, however, in reality, I was permanently supervised by the police. Every time I was dancing in a different colour, and tried to be influenced by its energy and historical roots. I called this performance Rainbow-healing: The unlearning of Polish national choreography. I was sick of nationalist, homophobic, racist and xenophobic propaganda all around me. Whilst dancing, I imagined I was healing all those perilous holes. This symbolic gesture and fantasy helped me to cope with anger. Almost every time I was interrupted by the police. What kind of world is it where dance and rainbows are forbidden?

In 2019 I created two works rooted in the relation between the body and socially ambivalent materials. Solo performance “Mohair Berets” was a critical reflection on the question of what a soft and delicate material as mohair beret has in common with fascism. My recent group choreography ”Be Fruitful and Multiply” focuses on the ambiguous nature of plastic bags; on their elegance and ugliness, as well as their daunting ability to adopt different forms.

My works were shown at: Chisenhale Dance Space (London), The Place (London), Propaganda Gallery (Warsaw), Centrum w Ruchu (Warsaw), and Plac Defilad (Warsaw).

In 2020 I graduated with with a Master of Art degree (specialisation in choreography) from London School of Contemporary Dance. In 2015 I graduated with distinction from the University of Warsaw with BA Hons in Ethnology and Anthropology of Culture.