Alicja (Alka) Nauman is a London based queer choreographer and researcher, originally from Warsaw Poland. 

Alka’s interdisciplinary practice is shaped around dance, choreography, and live art. In that context, she is interested in questioning her identity, the status of power, privilege and sense of belonging. She looks at choreography as a method of social research conducted through the body, as an unacknowledged way of producing knowledge. All her works are focused around social and political issues such as a critique of gentrification or nationalism. Alka also uses dance as a way of creating safe spaces, where subversive political strategies can be built. Her recent works are associated with different dimensions of care. The first solo called ”Warsaw’s Gentrification Ballet” was born from a protest against the city’s lack of care about poor tenants in the gentrified district of Praga where she used to live. The group choreography “We are nor your flowers” was about building a group score that would arise from common care and security. The aim was to create a radical sense of beatitude within a group, and use it as a strategy against frustration. In 2018 she did a solo performance project called: rainbow-healing (part of the documentation can be found on Instagram @alka_nauman).  She danced in front of different political institutions in Warsaw with the intention to heal particular nationalist places and create a different discourse around them. She was wearing lots of clothes, lent by friends and family, each dance was in the different colour of the rainbow. This action was personal proof for her that dance has great political power.  The last three works that she created in LCDS were also linked to care. Alka’s solo “Neurotic Migrant” presented in November 2018 reflected on ways in which dance can be used to calm down a neurotic immigrant body. Another work “Mohair Berets” was a critical reflection on the question of what a soft and delicate material as mohair beret has in common with fascism. She created a score around the complex nature of mohair berets in Poland that at the same time are associated with care because they are worn by elderly women, and fascism, because most of them are extremely right-wing and supporting neo-fascist groups. At the moment she is especially intrigued how satire and humour can be used as a weapon against restrictive power structures.

Alka’s latest group choreography ”Be Fruitful and Multiply” presented at in the theatre at The Place, London, focuses on the ambiguous nature of plastic bags; on their elegance and ugliness, as well as their daunting ability to adopt different forms.

She is currently an MA student of Developing Artistic Practice Course (specialisation in choreography) in London School of Contemporary Dance (graduation march 2020). In 2015 she graduated with distinction from the University of Warsaw with BA Hons in Ethnology and Anthropology of Culture.

Her works were shown in The Place, London, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, Propaganda Gallery in Warsaw, Plac Defilad, Warsaw, and Centrum w Ruchu, Warsaw.