Dancers I collaborate with

I would like to introduce wonderful, fantastic, divine, superb, remarkable and brilliant performers that I collaborate with! We all met in the London Contemporary Dance School on an MA course called Developing Artistic Practice. This year we made together the choreography Be fruitful and multiply, and I hope it is not our last project.

Thank you, Lucie, Keity, Shum, and Leilah for being so generous, open, curious and dedicated. I can’t think about better people to work with!

If you want to see those badass performers in action come to Chisenhale Dance Space at 7:30pm on the 30th of November! There are only a few tickets left!


Lucie Palazot

From Paris to London, Lucie is an independent dance artist who is completing her MA in Contemporary Dance at LCDS-London. Her practice is based on physicality, release, dance-theatre, improvisation and contact-improvisation technics with the somatic approach. She approaches dance as a playground fed by curiosity, strength and energy, based on trust and empathy. Wearing several hats, Lucie is also an independent producer. Graduated from Toulouse Business School with an MA in cultural management in 2015, she worked as Production Director for Les clés de l’écoute organizing shows with orchestras and operas in France and as Project Manager for Sonic Solveig, developing interactive music apps. She danced for Joe Moran, Eve Stainton & Florence Peake, Nathalie Pubellier, Julien Desplantez, Lucile Rimbert, Marie Simon, Elsa Lyczko. At the moment she dances for Cie Les Yeux d’Elsa in Orly, Fragments aéroportuaires, Alka Nauman in Be Fruitful and Multiply.


Keity Pook

Originally from Haapsalu, Estonia she graduated from University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy with a BA in Choreography and Dance pedagogy. She has international experience from Coventry University, School of Art and Design in BA Dance and in Orient & Dance Theatre and Ramallah Ballet Centre in Ramallah, Palestine, where she did her teaching practice. Before continuing her studies at London Contemporary Dance School, she made the performance “Synapse” (2017), a production of Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, and performed in Estonia and Norway. She feels a strong drive to create, but she has also performed in various works, such as “Remake” by Florence Peak and “Permutations in the City “ by Neil Callaghan & Simone Kenyon.


Shum Pui Yung

Shum has been training in the Christine Liao School of Ballet. She has been awarded the Advanced Ballet Academy Advanced 2 and Grade 8 and was invited to participate in The Genee International Ballet Competition in Antwerp, Belgium. During the school year, she also actively participated in the CSTD (The Commonwealth Society of the Teachers of Dancing) exams and competitions. Shum participated in the CSTD Asia Pacific Dance Competition on behalf of the local and Bangkok, Thailand, and won the open group demi character ballet in 2014. Shum graduated from the English Department of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in 2017 and worked as a team manager during school years at the Dance Society. In 2016 and 2017, she won the CSTD Kangaroo Cup lyrical and contemporary dance section. After graduation from PolyU she teaches ballet, jazz and contemporary dance classes and participates in choreography and performances of all sizes.


Leilah Simone Williams

The curiosity that leads Leila’s practise is our subconscious harmony with movement. When we dance, there are moments where we feel an undeniable sense of freedom and it is her belief that this therapeutic quality stems from an inherently human and spiritual practise. It is a tool for discovering the ‘self’ in that it snaps us into the present moment by linking the internal and external world. This connection was something our ancestors celebrated in combination with music and her interest is to not only explore but re-ignite tribalistic expressions through movement and music, in a contemporary setting.


Photo credits: Camilla Greenwell

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