I am searching for alternative ways of funding and need your support!

Greta Gauhe and I are VERY LUCKY to present our challenging dance works Be fruitful and multiply & NOWhere in a thought-provoking double bill at the Chisenhale Dance Space in London on the 30th of November 2019 (tickets available here).

Unfortunately, the money from tickets won’t be sufficient to pay all 10 participating dancers a well deserved fair wages. As young choreographers, we don’t have any additional funds to pay our wonderful team.

We strongly believe that it is essential to pay a decent wage to dancers and other collaborating artists involved in our work! It is why we are looking for alternative ways of funding our production costs and need your support!

If you believe that young debuting dancers and choreographers should be paid for their work go click here and support our crowdfunding campaign!

No help is too small! Even your 1 quid will make a difference for us!

Thank you! 


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